Who We Are

IST provides tech-enabled answers to complex questions about hard to reach populations

IST Research communication technology in uganda - Who We Are

We connect to populations using media they already ingest

IST Research mobile money center in uganda - Who We Are

We communicate with them using technology they already use

IST Research working on computer in vehicle - Who We Are

We pair their responses with relevant web data

IST Research presenting data to audience - Who We Are

We create robust, real-time analysis that shows the Pulse of the population

Our Mission & Values

Eternal Impact · Extreme Value · Complete Transparency

Our mission is to address some of the most urgent human security issues faced by the world’s vulnerable populations. IST’s product, Pulse, does this by helping people understand hard to reach communities by providing insight into their thinking and engaging them in two-way conversations.

Our Team

We have built a diverse group of technologically and operationally savvy engineers, implementers, and scientists intrigued by opportunities to design and implement new technologies that make a positive impact.

Ryan Paterson

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Dalton

Chief Operating Officer

Madison Bahmer

Chief Technology Officer

Carrick Longley

Executive Vice President

Mike Wear

Director, Defense and Intelligence Sectors

Andrew Carter

Software Engineering Lead

David Cavitt

Lead TechOps Engineer

Scott Hourin

Product Manager

John Roames

Pulse Integration SME

Angel Durham

Finance Administrator

Andrew Axelrod

Senior User Interface Engineer

Jeremy Steele

Software Engineer

Sam Blazek

Director of Research and Development

Marti Martinez

Director of Engineering

Ryan Fischbach

Application Architect

Steve Cambria

Software Architect

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IST at a Glance

  • Founded in 2008
  • Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA
  • Small, veteran-owned and operated business
  • Distributed workforce across 12 states and multiple countries
  • Successful technology deployments in over 20 countries
  • Staff includes cognitive psychologists, data scientists, engineers, and field implementers
  • Diverse customer base including the Department of Defense, non-governmental agencies, and commercial clients


  • 2019 Inc Best Places to Work– Culture is a major component of IST Research.
  • 2018 Inc 5000 – Recognizing our continued growth in the last 5 years.
  • 2017 Inc Best Places to Work – Acknowledging the culture to find and keep the very best employees.
  • 2017 Elastic Cause Award – Recognizing organizations working to advance the human condition or help populations in need.
  • 2016 Inc 5000 – One of the fastest-growing private companies with 318 percent growth over past three years.
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