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Build the Technology: Pulse

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Pulse listens to information channels across both the open, deep, and dark web, as well as publicly available information from major social network sites. Each data source is moved through a robust cloud architecture that enables data normalization and enrichment in real-time. This broad functionality enables a better understanding of indirect information related to a crowd’s actions, reactions, posts, and communication online.
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Pulse enables engagement with individuals in at-risk populations utilizing the mobile technologies in their pockets. Pulse Gateway Phones are portable and low cost, facilitating interaction with large populations anywhere in the world. This technology is paired with both cellular and social chat applications, allowing further insight into what the target audience is understanding.
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Discovering new information flows can be a challenging task. With Pulse, content discovery and the movement of where information is being exchanged is brought to the surface thanks to powerful analysis tools and tradecraft. Understanding what the information space looks like, and conveying it in both a customizable and easy to understand manner is made simple thanks to Pulse.

Employ It: Services

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Polling and Survey Research

IST Research’s unique approach to polling and survey research permits us to conduct studies in the most disconnected, hard-to-reach communities. Our proven tradecraft not only provides rapid and accurate data collection, but the remote nature of our processes provides greater safety to researchers—specifically those interested in understanding target populations residing in regions of conflict.
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Prevalence Estimation

IST Research’s data scientists have tested and proven experience conducting prevalence estimates against known and hidden populations. Using Pulse’s Engagement capabilities and Content Discovery and Social Listening functions–either separately or combined–the IST team can leverage its experience and technology to help answer difficult data questions.
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Monitoring and Evaluation

Achieving reliable, accurate, and affordable monitoring and evaluation (M&E) reporting can be difficult; however, Pulse’s Engagement capability streamlines M&E by enabling the recruitment, vetting, and employment of local monitors remotely—reducing operating costs and footprints for M&E efforts.