Image from iOS 300x169 - IST's Fight to end Modern Slavery

Dr. Sam Blazek, our Director of Research & Development, was honored to speak last week at “Code 8.7: Using Computational Science and AI to End Modern Slavery.”

Technology is changing the way that researchers and practitioners can both detect and counter modern slavery, and IST’s efforts in this area include new algorithmic approaches to estimating the prevalence of modern slavery as well as providing AI-driven decision support to counter-human trafficking professionals. These are some of our most innovative projects that drive the Pulse Platform forward to include new capabilities.

“In 2019 there will be 5 billion mobile phone users globally. But this population is fragmented in many ways, both in terms of access and resources, and in terms of languages, platforms and communications protocols. That makes for huge opportunities to researchers and practitioners, but also huge challenges in terms of integration and data fusion. On top of that, sensors are proliferating at an exponential rate, generating even more data ranging in scope from global geospatial imagery to detailed individual personal health information. Our organizational mission is to build innovative approaches to finding and communicating with the people that we need most urgently to communicate with – the world’s many hard-to-reach populations – and to manage the fusion of large numbers of data streams to provide a comprehensive picture to decision-makers and operators.”