IST’s Fight to end Modern Slavery

Dr. Sam Blazek, our Director of Research & Development, was honored to speak last week at "Code 8.7: Using Computational Science and AI to End Modern Slavery." Technology is changing the way that researchers and practitioners can both detect and counter modern...

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Justice Can Often Take Time

If you follow IST Research and the work we do you probably know we have a passion for combining technology, tools, data and tradecraft for the benefit of vulnerable populations around the world. Today, the article below made its way to me....

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Continuously Improving the Pulse Platform

I am constantly surprised at how much our organization continues to learn every year. If you had asked me four years ago what our product vision was and how we planned to achieve it, I would have probably shown you a very different technical approach compared to what...

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Focusing on Tough Questions

For the last 6 months the IST Research team has been celebrating its 10 years of operations. The celebration began with the anniversary of the official formation of the corporate entity in March and is wrapping up this week with the 10th anniversary of the first...

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IST Research 10th Anniversary Celebration

Its been 10 years... bounced off of the bottom a couple of times. You have seen my posts in March celebrating the legal foundation, we launched a new 10 year logo a month or so later, and now we are preparing for the celebration of the first dollar that came in the...

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Watching the Migration to Social Chat

If you have been following any of the recent articles we have been publishing here at IST, you will know that we are keenly interested in the migration from social media to Over-The-Top messaging applications (e.g. Social Chat at Scale). There is no doubt that the...

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